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Chip Solid Polymer Capacitors
Chip Solid Polymer Capacitors
RG 2.5~10v Low ESR Polymer Capacitors
RG 2.5~10v Low ESR Polymer Capacitors
RN 2.5~25 Low Profile Polymer Capacitor
RN 2.5~25 Low Profile Polymer Capacitor
RQ 2.5~16v High Termp. Polymer Capacitor
RQ 2.5~16v High Termp. Polymer Capacitor
RS 16~25v Low ESR Polymer Capacitor
RS 16~25v Low ESR Polymer Capacitor
RF 2.5~16v Long life Polymer Capacitor
RF 2.5~16v Long life Polymer Capacitor
       SCERI is specialized in manufacturing high quality of Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors . We have built our reputation over the last years by significantly reducing the costs of Polymer Solid Capacitors to the world’s largest OEMs and ODM with most modern manufacturing technology and equipments.

SCERI mass produces more than ten thousands of Polymer Solid Capacitors for customer’s choice and the rated voltage of the Polymer Solid Capacitor is 2.5v to 200v, longest usage life is 5000 hours at 105℃ working environment, highest temperature of working environment can reach at 135℃.These technical parameters are leading in Polymer Solid Capacitor industry. Now our products are widely used in Mother Board and VGA of computers, Automatic Control Computers, Mobile Phone Chargers, Switch Power Supply, Power Supply Adapter, LED Power Supply, Servers, LCD TV, Medical equipment, etc. >>> View details
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RS series 16~25V low resistance solid state capacitor.Pdf
RG series 2.5~10V low resistance solid state capacitor.Pdf
RF series 2.5~16V long life solid state capacitor.Pdf
RQ series 2.5~16V high temperature solid state capacitor.Pdf
RL series 2.5~16V ultra low resistance solid state capacitor.Pdf
RA series 35~63V high voltage solid state capacitor.Pdf
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